- newest design for flush mount album, has 12 functions in one machine which are creasing -  binding - heat pressing - cold pressing - CNC cutting - round corner cutting -  hard cover making, cover edge handling - cover edge cutting - cover grooving and hot binding.

1. Delicate design wich small occupation which can save many shipping cost.
2. Simple opperation, combined with electric and phuenamic design.
3. The creactive design of hard cover making can help to solve many problems of our customers in making cover. It combines several equiments into one machine.
4. The CNC Cutter adopt the CNC blade and IR program which can cut very Accurately.
5. The aluminium alloy creasing blade can crease the delicated line and will not damage the surface of the pictures.
6. With design of both cold and hot pressing, grooving heating and adjustable creasing width

Machine 12 in 1 photo book making machine

  • S.R 24,495

  • Product price before adding tax : S.R 21,300