• Stainless Light Stand J4200

Product Features
1. Use Large-diameter stainless steel, Fixation clamps material is aluminum alloy die-casting parts, which is sturdy and durable,
with strong bearing capacity, maximum load-bearing capacity up to 20KG, three-section telescopic rod, up to 4.6m
2. Built-in spring cushion. Each spring shaft of the shaft tube has a spring cushion to reduce the malfunction of the equipment
and to avoid strong vibration.
3. Steel pipe floor design. The largest steel pipe 48mm floor design, so the bearing is more stable
4. Standard large-size universal wheel with foot brake, stable and flexible, reliable and reliable foot brake
5. Retractable 16mm stainless steel top-grain Suitable for high-power film and television flash, install large heavy-duty
the professional accessory system, with large-scale softbox with magic square round cake clip
6. 29mm professional video light Spotlight interface hole Suitable for installing various types of professional film and
television spotlights, large-scale film, and television flat lights.

Stainless Light Stand J4200

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